Lakes Estates III: Financials

This page contains budgets and financial information for Lakes Estates III of Sarasota Homeowners Association Inc. (Lakes Estates III). They are grouped by year and listed in month order. Click on the date to see/print the financials for that period.

Florida Statute Chapter 720.3086 – Financial report

In a residential subdivision in which the owners of lots or parcels must pay mandatory maintenance or amenity fees to the subdivision developer or to the owners of the common areas, recreational facilities, and other properties serving the lots or parcels, the developer or owner of such areas, facilities, or properties shall make public, within 60 days following the end of each fiscal year, a complete financial report of the actual, total receipts of mandatory maintenance or amenity fees received by it, and an itemized listing of the expenditures made by it from such fees, for that year.

Such report shall be made public by mailing it to each lot or parcel owner in the subdivision, by publishing it in a publication regularly distributed within the subdivision, or by posting it in prominent locations in the subdivision. This section does not apply to amounts paid to homeowner associations pursuant to chapter 617, chapter 718, chapter 719, chapter 721, or chapter 723, or to amounts paid to local governmental entities, including special districts.
History.—s. 64, ch. 95-274; s. 26, ch. 2004-345; s. 22, ch. 2004-353.
Note.—Former s. 689.265.

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