September 15, 2021 – In the past two days there have been several coyote encounters. One happened just before dark when a mid-size coyote seemingly appeared out of nowhere and approached within two feet away from the resident walking their dogs. The next morning the same resident encountered the coyote near the entry way to the house.

This resident called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about the encounter. In his conversation with Rhonda, she made the suggestion that we strongly encourage anyone that might have an encounter to deter the coyote from being comfortable in our neighborhood. This can be done several ways: Carry a container with coins that can be used to make loud noise, throwing objects in the direction of but not at the coyote, raising hands and showing that you are the dominant species in this neighborhood, using a foghorn to make noise. If the sighting persist and the coyote become more comfortable in the neighborhood and doesn’t leave then we should consider finding a animal trapper.

Additionally and importantly, animals should not be let outside at this time (especially cats, since a lot of neighbors do let their cats roam during the day) and dogs should be on a non-expandable leash so they can be held close to you in an encounter. When encountering a coyote face the coyote and slowly move way from the coyote. Do not turn your back and run.

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