32nd Annual Lakes/Brentwood Holiday Sharing 2020

Our FIRST six families have been chosen with our mission statement in mind. While all face serious challenges, all are involved in their children’s education and are making learning a priority in these very challenging times. The children range in age from 3 to 14 years old. Ten are girls and 6 are boys. We have 2 sets of twins in one family. Four of our families are headed by single Moms with one of the Moms moving in with her parents in an effort to make ends meet. Three of the families have vehicles they do not have the funds to repair due to Covid related job losses and cutbacks. One mother lost her job completely with no way to get to work.

Just like our children, the kids from these families are interested in sports, music, computers, bikes, art, toys, books and clothes. In contrast, these kids are from families struggling to provide even basic necessities. No extras are in a budget when jobs have been lost and paychecks are not even covering normal living expenses or necessities of food, shelter, and medicine.

These families are chosen by Brentwood’s staff, not only because they are experiencing difficulties but also because they are trying to overcome them. Please know how much your efforts are appreciated each year. Our Brentwood contacts report reactions of tears and sincere gratitude when the families are told about our program. So many express great relief because they have been so worried about how they would provide even the most modest holiday celebration for their children.

Clearly, our project does not address the majority of these families’ problems. But, with your financial support, we will show them that there are people who care. It will give them a much needed boost and help them to share some magic and fun with their children. It will spread joy!


Due to COVID 19, Lakes neighborhood children will NOT be going door to door collecting contributions this year. Instead donations may be mailed or dropped off to:

  • Sue Hammersley – 4601 Trails Drive – 320-3777
  • Susan Snyder – 4715 East Trails Drive – 378-0702
  • Susie Scarlett – 1795 Oak Lakes Drive – 378-0702
    All donations are gratefully accepted. Should you wish, your family may sponsor a child for $25 or you may provide a $50 holiday dinner or $100 for gas and groceries. CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO SUE HAMMERSLEY OR SUSAN SNYDER. The bank WILL NOT cash checks made out to Lakes/Brentwood Holiday Sharing. For more info, please call Sue Hammersley at 320-3777.

    We thank you in advance for your generosity and for making a difference in the lives of these Brentwood families. LAST YEAR WE RAISED $8,205 and provided for 12 families with a total of 38 children. Together we can do it again.

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